The Tribe


If you are here it is because another dudedad has invited you by way of The Coin.  That is the only way.

History of The Coin:

Although Dudedads was created primarily as a means to give proud dads a badge they would be excited to carry, Jay (founder) also hoped that people would latch onto the emblem and make it their own.  One particular dad by the name of Eric Szabo, now a Dudedad's co-owner, did just this.  To Eric, the Dudedad mark had the power to make dads better.  He takes his job as a father very seriously and the logo is a representation of that for him.  And THAT, he said, is what he wanted Dudedads to be.

...and The Coin was born.  It is exclusive and it is meant to serve as a special reminder of your fatherhood and to help us keep it top-of-mind.  With that awareness and perspective, you just may find yourself changing in very positive ways (Jay's experience).  If not, you might already be the rad dad we all hope to be.

Some rules of the coin:

1. You must attempt to carry this coin at all times.

2. If you are presented with a coin by another member of the tribe as a challenge and you cannot produce your coin, beverages on you.  If you produce your coin, beverages are on the dudedad that just challenged you.

3. You must not share the password to this page with anyone else.  If you purchase a coin for someone, they will receive the password when it is delivered to them.

How to Expand the Tribe:

All you have to do is pick a dudedad you know and love, and buy them a's that simple.

Link to purchase coin.

The Current Tribe (Updated As Frequently As Possible):

If you prefer to not have your name in this list, please let us know and we'll remove you. or  When you purchase a coin for another dude, we'll reach out so we can add them to the registry, and also offer you the ability to ink your own note to be included with delivery (unless it's coming to you, first).