Who We Are

Becoming a dad was hands-down the most proud moment of my life.  Every time someone asked about my daughter I would swell with love and joy thinking about her and describing what it was like to be her dad, and that is still true today for both of my kids.

My feelings were so strong, in fact, that I wanted a way to outwardly express my pride but I didn’t have a good way to do that.  The readily available badges of fatherhood generally run from meaningless trinkets that would likely get tucked immediately into a drawer to cheesy in-your-face “Greatest Dad” t-shirts that would never be worn.  Now, I don’t even pretend to be the world’s greatest dad and I wanted something cool…something I would feel comfortable wearing and enjoy presenting outwardly regardless of occasion.
Enter Dudedads:  Stuff for proud dads who like to do dude things.  The Dudedad embraces and fosters his dude/dad duality.  Fatherhood may primarily define us but we still make time to seek out the passions that make us the individual dudes we are.
I love donning my Dudedad garb, and so far, everyone else we talk to about it loves it too!
Our business, based in Louisville, CO, will be starting small with a few specific core wearable goods and from there we plan to expand to offer more products and options to our catalog in terms of color choices and logo placement with the help of our friends at www.tiktokink.com .
We’ve taken great care in exploring the quality of the items available from Dudedads because we want them to go to the top of the pile on laundry day, front of the closet, or within reach…our customer’s favorite thing to put on or use.


Dudedads will donate a portion of revenue to charity each year.  Our specific revenue percentage will not be predetermined (although we have a 5% goal in year 1), as we don’t want to under-deliver in terms of our capability in this area.  We’re also a very young business and will need time to gain efficiencies and be the best we can be at doing business in general, which should allow us to give more over time.

We also plan to get involved locally in our home state of Colorado by donating our time and arranging or participating/partnering in charitable events.