Ten Christmas 2016 Gift Ideas For The Dad In Your Life

We're 2 Christmases removed from the last suggested gift idea post, so this means we're also 2 years older. As dudedads, our tastes are quickly becoming more refined, and our needs more honed...more simple. For new dads...you'll be in this state of mind very soon.

Above all is quality. At this point in our lives, the old cliche "they don't make'em like they used to," has more importance. We would rather have something that will last a lifetime, if we can. We're also becoming more functional. Jokes about cargo pants (or shorts) make absolutely no sense to us because, quite frankly, more pockets means that we can carry more stuff in an organized way. Cargo pants are a practical tool! (Yes, I know there are fashion-first dads, but let's tuck them into the margins for now.)

With quality and function being at the forefront, shopping for us should become easier, especially with the advent of the boutique online store. Anything and everything that you can think of is made by artisans, and sold online these days.

Think of the things we know we'll do for a long time...maybe the rest of our lives...and the ideas will come. Does your guy go to the gym? Does he read in bed? What does he like to do with the guys? What does he like to do with the kids? Did he have any fun outings or accomplishments this past year worth commemorating? Look around the house...what needs replacing?


Here are a few useful or fun things that might be worth considering, if the ideas aren't quite flowing (stocking stuffers, too):

The Forearm Forklift. (click) - These straps are a miracle. I don't know how else to describe them. I even had a friend pack his pair and travel with them to Colorado from NY because he knew we were going to lift things during his visit...they are that effective.

"Tactical" flashlight (click) - It's amazing how fast LED technology is changing. If you have kids who drive, make sure they have something like this in their car. Models are currently being made up to 2000 lumens, but that's bound to stopped (to avoid people being blinded).

French Pressss (click) - If your guy likes coffee, promote him to the varsity team with a french press. Cold coffee is no longer a problem with the stainless double-walled versions. Careful though, once you go here, it'll be hard to find good coffee anywhere but home.

Finger Ratchet (click) - To be honest, I didn't even know this existed until this past year. Since I bought it I've used it constantly because it's so FAST. This is one of those random functional items that is a must have in the toolbox.

His Favorite Thing...In a Cap (click) - Lots of guys wear hats, and for those of us that do, we often have a favorite hat, and that favorite hat has some sort of sentimental attachment to it. Think of his favorite place, or team, or memory, and turn it into a hat...someone probably sells one and if they don't someone can make it!

Beer Growler (click) - For the beer-loving dad. There is an entire market for beer growlers right now, and we like Drinktanks because of their accessories. The 64oz option is the most practical, and the 128oz growler is, well, Yuuuuge.

Recognize His Moment (click) - What better way to celebrate his accomplishment or moment with a custom framed poster, using a photo he took, or that was taken of him. Lots of flexibility here!

Duffel Bag (click) - My mother gave me a large duffel bag 27 years ago and the zipper is just starting to go out on it. I use it for every trip. It's cavernous so I don't have to worry about packing strategy, and the bag itself shaves weight, which is good given the typical airline restrictions.

Merino Wool Sweater (click) - Yes, I'm suggesting a sweater. The merino wool products these days are super comfy, not itchy, and warm. It will be one of those things you see him wearing all winter, in any situation.

Cargo Pants! (click) - Carhartts last forever. There are even flannel-lined options for cold weather climates. We also like Blaklader...a LOT. Cargo pants may not be stylish, but they sure are functional!

As always, if he doesn't have something from Dudedads.com yet, now's the time...the one thing that goes to the top of the pile on laundry day.

Happy Holidays!



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