10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Strangely, I don't think I've seen a single thing drop into my social feeds regarding Mother's Day.  Just in case you hadn't been paying attention, it's this Sunday!

Our first daughter was born on April 9th in 2006.  For my wife's first Mother's Day, which came almost a month later, I got her some flowers and some chocolate.  Um, big mistake.  For those of you who are new dads out there, take note:  all that sacrifice you've witnessed (and in some cases continue to witness)...it should be recognized and celebrated!

But, do yourself a favor, and don't ask her what she wants.

Here are 10 ideas from us, most of them are still doable before this weekend:

Click on each item title if you see "Click" to get specific options:

1. Ships Bell (click) - Growing up in suburban NJ, my brother and I were often roaming the neighborhood.  But Mom's ships bell could tell us from a couple blocks away it was time to head home.

2. Spa Day - If cost isn't too much of an object, any higher-end hotel in your area that has a spa will likely have a menu full of treatments that you can choose from.  Make sure you leave time during the day for simple relaxation, book reading, lunch, a cocktail (or two).  Maybe you can even convince one of her BF's husbands to send his wife and make it a girl-day.

3. Massage - I would bet that the need for a massage in this case directly corresponds to the number of years of motherhood you have under your belt.  Just about anyone loves a good massage and there are many new franchises that offer initial sessions at steep discounts (less than $50/hr).  Can't find something?  I'm sure you can figure out how to do this, personally.  And you may enjoy it.

4. Homemade Slideshow - If it's the thought that counts, why not put in a little labor and make her a homemade slideshow?  Celebrate her life and transition to motherhood in there.  There are lots of apps that can help you do this without pain!

5. Luxury Bathrobe (click) - For the moms that like luxury, how about a nice soft cozy bathrobe.  There are a variety of quality and price options here.

6. Wine of the Month Club (click) - If your mom likes wine (or beer), this really is the gift that keeps on giving.

7. Soaps and Stuff (click) - Ever had a $10 shake or a $20 hamburger?  Well, you can spend just about the same on a bar of soap.  Guess what, it's worth it if your wife likes to smell good.  You and your nose can reap the benefits.  I know mine does!

8. Free Night - This one is particularly for the mom who never asks for anything...the ever-giving mom.  Don't just tell her she gets a night whenever she wants if you know she won't take it.  Plan it for her.  Book her a room in a hotel.  Anything to get her away, and ideally with friends.

9. Homemade Card - This costs nothing.  Just make the time to sit down and write out your thoughts about her in her role as a mother.

10. Locket - Something she can have to hold pictures of the kids, or anything she wants, for that matter.  Make it high quality...something that will become an heirloom.  Etsy is the place.

Although we're not a fan of "keeping score" if you treat her right on Mother's Day, she may end up getting you something from www.dudedads.com for Father's Day!

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regina leslie
regina leslie

May 02, 2016

Your suggestions are wonderful!!xoxo

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