Dudedads makes better dads...without trying. It just does.

We didn't set out to do it.  We really didn't.  In fact, I was so conscious about the potential for Dudedads to make dads feel guilty about working a lot, or traveling a lot for business, that I purposefully avoided suggesting that dudedads are "better dads."  But as I said recently, it's not just about spending time with your kids.

Here's the thing:  dads who are wearing our logo are more conscious of the fact that they are a father.  This heightened awareness is what makes them a more improved version of themselves.  Wherever they are and whatever they are doing, they have a reminder on them or with them (the coin), about what their primary purpose for living is.


I've only met one...a single individual...who seemed to already be this way before he had his first Dudedad shirt on.  I'm sure there are more like him, but personally, I believe they are rare.  When most people say "I'm just doing my best," about being a parent, it's more of an excuse, but this one guy was actually trying his best.  You could see it and hear it when you talked to him about being a dad.

The logo did this for me.  It makes me try my best.  Yes, there are plenty of times where I get my "me time," but this helps me stay happy and also provides an example to my kids of how great life can be if you do what makes you happy.  But when I'm with my kids, I'm actually doing my best to parent them, and it wasn't always this way.

This isn't a soap box.  I don't think of myself as a better parent in terms of comparison.  In that sense, I'm certain SO many would be graded well above myself.  But I do know that I'm an improved version of myself with Dudedads.  It's a fantastic and completely unintended byproduct of having the logo on me or near me.

The smartest people I've ever met are the ones who know they don't know everything.  I definitely don't.  But these days, I'm asking a lot of questions, learning, and doing my best!  How about you?


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February 05, 2020

good post!!

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