Mountain Biking = Skiing = Flying

Last week I was allowed the pleasure playing hooky on a Friday.  My motivation was to accompany 4 awesome dudes up to a pass outside of Denver to ride a well known section of the Colorado Trail during peak aspen-season, when the colors of the aspen trees turn a variety of shades from yellow to red.  Although I am slightly color blind (red/green), the contrast is STRIKING.  While I am still working myself back into mountain biking after a 5 year hiatus, I jumped at the opportunity for this epic day and adventure.

Mountain biking, I've recently decided, gets me as close as I can get to the feeling of skiing powder, without skiing's like floating, like flying.  Riding a bike is something I remember vividly as a kid.  I remember the feelings I had when my father got me going on two wheels up at Oak Street School and I did a bunch of laps on my yellow Ross Snapper.  The bike is a universal love and I am always asking the kids if they want to go for a ride.  If only they were as excited about face shots! patience will pay off. 

On this day I brought my new GoPro along to see if I could possibly show Holly and Hannah (my kiddos) what it is like to mountain bike in the mountains.  The ride (and capturing the footage) were both a bit of an exploratory process filled with excitement (I can't believe where I am, what I'm doing, and who I'm with on a FRIDAY!), frustration (damn, this is a big hill), admiration (damn, that guy is fast), and accomplishment (I just did that).  Upon showing the kids the final video they said "Dad, that looks awesome, but I could never do that!"  To which I replied, someday guys...very soon. - please accept my apologies for the shaky camera-work.  Still working out the kinks with the GoPro!

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