12 Great Gifts for Dads (Aside from a Tailgate Hoodie from dudedads.com)

The old adage is true for a reason, but forget about Father's Day.  What do you buy your husband, friend, or family member to celebrate his fatherhood on any holiday?  The answer before Dudedads hasn't been easy, without being cheesy.

Yes, we're a bit biased when it comes to this topic, but the content to help find a dad-gift is lacking so we're going to help.  Not all gifts can be meaningful, in fact most aren't.  But, it should be pretty easy to make a functional gift have meaning with a nice note tying your item back to why you picked it for them.

Here are twelve reasonably affordable things that we, at Dudedads, have received and love, or would very much appreciate.  Click on each item title to get details:

1. Bacon Press (click) - Yes, I didn't even realize there was such a thing either until a buddy of mine showed it to me.  And yes, your dudedad needs one.

2. The Piggy Back Rider (click) - GENIUS!  I can't tell you how many times I've battled to convince my 4yr old to go for a hike with me only to have her say "daddy uppies, I'm tired" about 100 yards in.  Another 100 yards into the piggy-back my shoulders are killing me and her legs are asleep.

3. Leatherman Multitool (click) - I bought these for all of my groomsmen at my wedding and they still all have them and carry them.  A good multitool is a must for any dudedad.

4. Best Snow Shovel Ever (click) - I picked up one of these a few years ago and have been in love ever since.  This thing can either plow or sling it, in very large amounts...huge time-saver!

5. Saddle Baby (click) - GENIUS AGAIN!  At some point the kids outgrow the Bjorn but you'll still need the hands free for holding the dog leash or beer during the shoulder ride.

6. Beer of the Month Club (click) - One of my all-time favorite gifts.  I got to the point where I was gitty for the next delivery.  Substitute wine or craft booze if beer isn't his thing.

7. Pizza Stone (click) - Who doesn't love pizza and making pizza at home with the kids is a great family bonding activity...they can't mess it up.  Make sure you get one that fits in your oven and pick up a paddle too.

8. Head Lamp (click) - I use mine a LOT.  Early morning hikes, camping, or when I need some extra lumens while working in the garage.  Make sure you've got lots of lumens!  Lumens are good.

9. Outdoor Portable Fireplace (click) - Men love fire.  The next-best thing to a stone-hearth...or some may argue it's superior because you can move it.

10. Air Compressor (click) - Inflating my bicycle or vehicle tires, blowing out the irrigation system, blowing debris off the driveway, sealing the swingset...the uses seem endless.  I love my compressor.  Don't go too big or he won't be able to move it around.

11. Bose Headphones (click) - Maybe not so affordable but a must for the frequent traveler.  Pretty please?

12. Gift Certificate from Cloud9Living (click) - Fighter Pilot for A Day?  AYFKM?


Finally, make sure you pick him up something from www.dudedads.com!

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