Awareness of Influence - by Eric Szabo

I recently had the privilege of participating in my employers hiring process. I was a member of a six person oral board panel interviewing potential firefighter recruits. The process to become a professional firefighter is extremely competitive and the final step is commonly an oral interview. With so much on the line, the candidates are well prepared and have rehearsed answers to every imaginable question with hopes of projecting their true personality and desire to serve.

Fam at Firehouse

One of the questions this go around was along the lines of, who is the most influential person in your life, why? The answers ranged from acquaintances in the fire service, to family members, but most often it was “my dad”.

Listening to the candidates describe the impactful lessons and events in their life left an impression on me and had me wondering how my children would answer the same question. Many years from now who will my kids credit with shaping their lives? Where will I stack up? Hopefully somewhere close to “mom”.



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